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Traveloko is an industry leader in transportation

We are a team of highly motivated personnel dedicated to provide you best service and freight shipping rates available in industry. Our strength is generated from our commitment to you as client, our industry, and our partners.Traveloko’s personal attention, professionalism, extensive carrier network, and experience sets us apart from other companies.

Traveloko has been of great service to our company. With the many variables that surround this industry, it is very important to find a reliable carrier to make the day-to-day operations possible. Communication, transparency and overall service are where Traveloko excels. I would recommend their service to anybody!


Transport of Packaged Goods

We will protect not just your product, but your brand. Late or non-compliant shipments can damage your customer relationships. We will do everything not to let that happen. Safeguarding your shipments against rejections, delays, charge backs, damages and over-handling is our priority.

National Road Transport

Our freight capabilities include the standard shipping and commercial trucking you would expect as well as specialty hauling services that cover a wide variety of special loads. No matter if your need is a one-time delivery, or you seek long-term logistics partner, our trucking capabilities and customer service make us the right freight choice for your company.

Expedited Service

We know when you’re in the need of an expedited shipment that every second counts! That’s why our Expedite Service is the simple solution for your time-sensitive shipments.
When normal speed isn’t fast enough…than you use Traveloko Speed.


You need to know where your goods and equipment are all the time – total supply chain visibility. Reduce transportation costs by automating day-to-day shipment execution. It’s time to optimize your supply chain with Traveloko technology.

We are hiring!

Traveloko has openings. We are hiring owner operators and lease operators. click below to view openings

Driver’s SmartPhone Application

Traveloko® SmartPhone APP is free and easy to use application designed for our contracted owner operators and drivers. This application is designed for better performance to our customers and as well as owner operators and drivers. We have integrated features that no other company has it or ever combined it in package as we are.

Download our app from your phone now!